The Golden Hour

Hello knitters,

There are still so many projects piling up on my to-do list: new sweaters for Cesare, vintage dresses for Candy and cool outfits for Amina. Well, here we go! This beautiful weather calls for some relaxing outside - so I knitted this orange two-piece for Amina last weekend

Magical Shooting
It was magical to shoot during the golden hour. If you want to learn more about that, the article "How To Make Your Photos Magical" by Lauren Lim is worth reading.

"There is one type of light that rules above all others ... It adds a quality to images that can't be replicated no matter how many actions, filters, or textures you use. Best of all? It's totally free, and comes around almost every single day. Twice!"

So true, don't you think? In terms of colour this outfit is a little tribute to the most magical time of day.

Golden Tuesday everyone!


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