Mother's Monday

Hello knitters,

I hope, all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Mine was amazing. I asked my mum out to lunch, and we spent much time together - talking and knitting!

Friend And Adviser
In my school days she taught me everything I needed, in order to design and knit my dresses and sweaters for my fashion dolls. She's my closest friend, the best teacher and the wisest person I know. Always believing in me, even when I don't.

Letter To Moms
For loving and caring mums it's a challenge not to forget about their own needs and feelings. Joanna Gaines, who is a mother of five, encourages women in her "Letter to Moms":

"I hope you'll take the time to allow yourself a few minutes a day to do what you love, too. I found that it was the thing that kept me balanced and energized."

So have a great mother's Monday!