Dusty Orange

Hello knitters,

Dusty Orange is officially making a comeback. A colour that will not only brighten up girls' wardrobe for spring!

Same Yarn, Same Colour
After knitting that golden hour-dress for Amina I casted on for a new sweater for Cesare - same yarn, same colour. Choosing an easy pattern I completed the project in two days. Not that I'm counting ... ;-)

New Beginning
It's just - the sooner you finish a knitting project, the sooner you can start something new. There's no such thing as a new beginning. And life is full of new beginnings. I don't regret a single one but it felt so good to settle down and find a home after years of wandering.

The Best Time To Start
In terms of astrology they say that new moon is always the best time to start - no matter if you want to change your routine or start a new project. Colours like orange or yellow can help you get more motivated. Well, maybe it's the colour that make me completing Cesare's sweater that quickly!