Cottage Style

Hello knitters,

One of my favourite long-term projects is creating a cottage-style home with cozy, comfy rooms filled with warm design. When you're looking for helpful tips and decorating ideas too, this article by "Better Homes and Gardens" is worth your attention. There it says:

"Today's cottage style is all about soft colours, feminine florals, vintage character, and an eclectic mix of home accessoires."

Calm And Cool
Patience is the most important virtue when you want to get there, because projects take time. But sometimes it's a challenge to stay calm and cool. Who knows that better than Bo Ren?

Better Life
The writer shares her experience in "What A Needle And Some Yarn Taught Me About Patience And Forgiveness" - an inspiring article to read. In her view knitting can help you live a better life, because:

"Knitting is forgiving; you can be forgiving to yourself too. It's never too late to go back and fix your mistakes."

Home For Your Soul
What a happy thought! For me cottage style is just another way to get cooler, calmer and happier. As it is so for many people out there. There's this interesting blog post by the architect Anthony Lawlor titled "The Importance Of A Home For Your Soul". Here's one quote worth thinking about.

"If the core of your being isn't welcomed where you rest your head, you will never feel at home."