Best Friends Forever

Hello knitters,

Don't Candy and Amina look good together? Well in my world they are best friends, playing fair and sticking together. And knitting together of course. ;-)

Are You A Good Friend?
Would you consider yourself a good friend? Would your friendship stand the test of time? Let's try to find an easy answer to this difficult question.

Toxic Friends
There's this very interesting article by Lea Rose Emery titled "Is Your Best Friend Toxic? 9 Signs To Look Out For, According To Experts" giving me something to think about. 

Certain Role
One point in particular draws my attention: "They Want You In A Certain Role." It's when friends are always negative about your plans. "They have you stay where you are in life to make them feel safe." Many have been through this. But how to keep yourself from becoming a toxic friend or keep others from poisoning your life?

Generous To Others
The more satisfied you are with your own life, they more generous you feel towards others and the more lovable and trustworthy you become. This alone makes you feel good and a better friend. It's more easier now to leave toxic friendships because you know, you deserve better. Candy and Amina know that only too well. Two different young women, indeed, but they share the same values. Nothing else matters.

Hope your friendship will last forever!