White Knit Dress

Hello knitters,

Hope you had a nice Easter! This laid back weekend was dedicated to family, food - and knitting. The days are growing longer. The first warm rays of sunlight brighten up my days. As does this white knit dress. Simple pleasures I cherish.

Simple Pleasures
There are many small things that make me feel this way. I fully agree with Mirele Mann who mentions some of them in her article "35 of Life's Simple Pleasures to Cherish Everyday". Her list reminds you to take a much needed break and inspires you to give yourself a treat -  very important, in case you might forget!

10 of my favourite ones you will find on her list:

  • Taking a bath
  • Hearing the right song at the right moment
  • A peaceful place to sit
  • A hot shower after a long day
  • Sleeping in
  • Climbing into a bed with fresh sheets
  • Reading a book that resonates with you
  • Having a good laugh
  • Checking an item off your to-do list
  • Feel refreshed after an afternoon nap

Knitting Pleasures
In terms of knitting simple pleasures to cherish are trying new patterns or finishing projects like this white knit dress. What comes next? A boyfriend's sweater for spring days.


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