Knitted Heart Pattern

Hello knitters,

There's nothing like waking up to a sunny spring morning and spending the whole day outdoors. Capturing the flowers in full bloom. Tackling the garden. Having a cup of tea on the porch at the end of a busy day while enjoying a stunning sunset. Those twilight moments, when the golden light illuminates the garden. 

Healing Rituals
Wellness rituals that are so good for your soul - and your eyes too. In this respect, Annmarie's article  "10 reasons why you should spend more time outdoors" presents interesting facts.

"Letting the eyes focus on something more distant exercises different muscles and allows the eyes to relax and recover."

Knitted Heart
While getting my eyes a much needed break from working on the computer I keep my hands busy with knitting new sweaters, skirts and dresses. Like this one with a heart pattern. For the love of pastel colours. For the love of spring.

Happy Monday everyone!


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