College Sweater

Hello knitters,

It's been a busy and chaotic work week so far ... so I'm already counting the seconds until Friday! Still looking for the best midweek motivation I can get by listening to my favourite tunes - without overdoing it, since I don't want the magic to end. ;-)

Killing A Song
There's this wonderful article - "The Science Behind 'Killing' A Song When You Listen To It Too Much" by Kashmira Gander. It says here:

"Experiments have demonstrated that appreciation decreases once the novelty of a piece of music has worn off, and that we often become bored with a song that has become over familiar."

Baroque Music
There's one exception to the rule. When it comes to baroque music I could listen to the same suites again and again without feeling bored. It helps me get cozy or fight the Monday blues. 

Sweater for Amina
My fashion doll Amina is ready for a cozy afternoon - wearing a college sweater I knitted over a year ago  and getting herself a cup of iced tea. Essentials for a productive day.