Sweater Weather

Hello knitters,

Taking a wintry walk on a misty morning just felt so good. The creative juices are flowing after getting some fresh air. But there are many ideas and much yarn to choose from. Which one should I start on? At this time of the year I prefer knitting with yarn colours reflecting the shades of fallen leaves. Colours that look good on fashion dolls.

Cold Weather, Cosy Sweater
This weekend still calls for winter clothing. No problem, when you have enough yarn in stock. For all knitters know: The colder the weather, the cosier the sweater.

Like Nancy & Lee
The picture above showing the sweet couple remind me of the album cover "Nancy & Lee" that was released out 50 years ago - as far as their pose is concerned.

The Week Ahead
Enough strolling for today - now it's time to walk back home and plan the knitting week ahead. The best way possible to fight the monday blues. It's hard for you to do so? Then this article by Orna Ross is worth reading.

Have a good time!